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Athletics And Activities

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Extra-curricular activities and sports at AIS are an integral part of a student’s daily life as well as an important part of the overall educational curriculum.  At AIS the athletic philosophy is an outgrowth of the schools mission and beliefs incorporating and placing value in the many attributes that make up the Profile of the Graduates.  The philosophy of the AIS Athletic/Activities Departments is to provide opportunities for student athletes to work towards competitive excellence through commitment to personal development, teamwork, and most importantly sportsmanship.  Participants are required to be principled competitors reflecting on their performance, open-minded communicators when competing on a team, and balanced in their approach to managing both academics and athletics.

As a founding member of NESAC (Near East Sports and Activities Conference) many of our high school activities travel and compete on a regional level in places such as Dubai and Qatar. Locally our students participate in the KASAC (Kuwait American Schools Activities Conference) League.


At AIS we offer a wide range of athletic opportunities

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At AIS we offer a wide range of activities that encour

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